Gnarled Tree

I am watching the dawn break slowly across the wide expanse of the sky. Navy blue is turning to slate now, with small streaks of light pink and gold. The black silhouette of three barren trees sit against the morning sky. They look especially gnarled, almost ghoulish, against the early dawn.

I feel like the trees today, groaning for the new life that is around the corner–just days away really according to the calendar–when their buds will burst with the green growth of leaves.

Like the gnarled and barren trees, I am aware of the life within me but that isn’t manifested fully now. I am changed instantly by the redeeming power of my Savior, and yet I am changing slowly as well.

I am reminded of how all of creation groans for the second coming of our Lord. I feel that groaning in these gnarled trees, standing in the light of dawn and in the last days of winter. Their groaning awakens an echo in me, yearning for the day when the Lord will take me to a new place without the curse of death. That hope shimmers like a dream beyond the reality of where I live.

But some day, this gnarled life of mine will be caught up with the Lord in heaven. I will have a new body and a new name, separated from the curse of human stain and the shroud that stretches across the planet, and this old earth will seem like the distant dream.

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