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  1. Georgia says:

    I agree that the LORD does not necessarily stop showing Himself great through the giftings that He has given us because we are having trouble resisting any sin. The longest that I have gone with no sin was 3 days and I thought WOW! Three days without turning a deaf ear, three days of uninterrupted attention to Him and His Word without so much as agreeing with an evil thought. I see the church labeling certain sins as those that just are not allowable. No sin is allowable. Only the spirit of self righteousness would excuse our sin as less than another’s. That is why we must examine ourselves before we rebuke in love another, because self righteousness opens the believer up to attack from the very source that they would condemn others for giving into. We are not the accuser of the brethren but we must call sin sin in ourselves (I John chapter 1) and in others too. The LORD is more than able to deliver. If we fight a sin, then we are not given over to it. When we cease to call sin sin, be it homosexuality or fornication or another, then we are in danger of hell. Ray Boltz is in danger of hell because he blatantly denies the word of God and has given himself over to sin. Rescue him LORD, rescue him.

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