Ever-Increasing Light

DSC_0009I scribble to live and live to scribble. I am a freelance writer, but I try not to be too seriously serious about my scratchings or myself.

Most of the world sees in prose, but my life lenses focus in poetry. It is the distillation of language and intoxicating to ingest.  When I am not drinking it in, I make some feeble attempts at coughing it up.

Mark Strand, Billy Collins, and Ted Kooser have definitely gotten my rapt attention. Even Emily Dickinson in her grave has to give an approving nod to the likes of these modern poets. Pure inspiration! Poetry is a world that I tiptoe into and must  pull myself away from. Like honey, too much will make you crazy.

My husband and I have one daughter who loves to laugh and keeps us young. We travel internationally extensively where we find kindred and passionate hearts, delectable cuisine, beautiful oceans, mountains, and terrain, and amazing people. It has been one of the great privileges of my life to develop friends from the four corners of the world.

We did live abroad as educators and humanitarian aid workers for nine years and in some of the most humble settings. God graced us every day with joy and contentment. What charges our lives is content–to give ourselves to something or someone bigger than we are. With content, we can be contented anywhere.


About this blog:

You will find slices of life from around the world here through prose, poetry, and photographs…most of the pictures are mine unless otherwise stated. In the most recent posts dated from January 2017, I have begun a Messianic daily devotional titled, “Ever-Increasing Light.” Having worked with many Jewish people around the world from Holocaust survivors to modern Israelis, I have connected deeply with their traditions, culture, conflicts, accomplishments, and joys. Here is a smattering of some of my study, experience, and thoughts.


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