Breaking the Devil’s Back On… Jealousy

Years ago, syndicated advice columnist, Ann Landers offered guidance for free to Americans needing some third-party insight into famial and social problems. And she became a legend in her day — a cultural icon — synonymous with modern-day social experts like Dr. Phil or Dr. Laura. Her popularity grew because her readers applied her suggestions … More Breaking the Devil’s Back On… Jealousy


The tension and war between men and women rages on. It’s real–sometimes a little too real and little too close to home. But this is an old story told new. The creation narrative in the book of Genesis clearly outlines the result of the fall of Adam and Eve when sin entered the world. “Your … More #metoobutchrist

The Flood

Painting by Liam Rainsford The Flood Yesterday’s burdens weighed you down — too heavy for the long road as they gathered in the corners of your heart. Let the blueness of that wound you bear today become a scouring tide; let it rise and wash away winter’s broken, brown debris. Let the tears flow, let … More The Flood