Calculating Age

Age is that hard cold number that starts out too hot to touch and cools through the passing of seasons. It’s that thing you show off with sheepish glow and pride at two and a half and wave with banners and glitter at 21. Then the magic number pops up and you grab it to … More Calculating Age

Love and Beauty

Love and Beauty How we yearned for the earth to release, to let go its weightless gold and allow the revelation to   fill our souls. And suddenly it bloomed, parchment leaf by parchment leaf shimmering in   the light until our whole world brimmed with the treasures of unfolding fall. In those sweet   … More Love and Beauty

Canyon Carvings

Canyon Carvings What words are carved of You Oh, Ancient of Days across these canyon walls? I see You, think if You, yearn for You in every crevasse. What is Your Name? What motivates You? All this glory around me tells me a story about You. But as it turns out, this is my story. … More Canyon Carvings

The Edge

The Edge It’s hard to imagine just how much we live on the edge. Daily life brings us to the   periphery of the lake, the pond, the river, the fountain, the canyon, even the thin   brink of the heavens in a swift moving jet. But some get sick of that hard   demarcation of … More The Edge


Extraordinary There isn’t an eagle’s feather, pine needle, or postage stamp of sky that doesn’t silently   shout extraordinary lengths— in this extravagant showcase of quaking life. It became   necessary to span the distance between God and humankind. Our cosmos is a fading fragment   of the unapproachable light in which He dwells. We … More Extraordinary

Stuck Here

  Stuck Here Sitting on the weathered front porch and watching the placid lake splayed before me in splendor and the dense, heady evergreens towering heavenward, I hear the wild geese honking and smell the pine. The morning sun scrubs my face with light—the kind that seeps to the bones and provides a certain depth … More Stuck Here