You Always Knew

Little, lively Vivie ran passed the colorful and showy hibiscus blossoms—some as as big as plates—and passed the endearing cabbage faces of old perfumed roses, to hold and behold a small, common garden offering. This wasn’t a flower famous for fragrance or beauty or anything, and still it’s slender stalk with purple velvet petals, captured…

Snakes and the Cosmos

I have a few blogs that I read daily–faithfully–or at least as often as the writers update them. Some of them are so interesting and well written, I can hardly wait for the next edition. In fact, that’s how it is for most of my favorites. You can see them in my blogroll in the…


moonbeams upon a rolling sea unlocked a song buried within my heart

Gnarled Tree

I am watching the dawn break slowly across the wide expanse of the sky. Navy blue is turning to slate now, with small streaks of light pink and gold. The black silhouette of three barren trees sit against the morning sky. They look especially gnarled, almost ghoulish, against the early dawn.