Silver-Gilded Waves

When you are seeking to step into the deep end of the pool where silence reigns, the same rules apply for adults and children. Don’t hold your breath, grimace, or freeze all movement. Just relax and breathe. In and out. Slow and deep. Let the silver-gilded, healing waves roll over you until the outside din…

Still on Trial

Although thousands of years have passed, Jesus of Nazareth  is still on trial today. Like relentless winds pummeling a tiny ship in mid-ocean, strong and hard questions from the world assail the church. They still want to know who Jesus is exactly. Why He is still around, and why His disciples keep falling from grace….

These Words are Chasing me Around the Room

Life presses on around us, and we are well aware of it. Still we are trying to slow it down for these few days in Cyprus, waiting on God at our “Bethel.” He is speaking too! And we take joy in all His words as they fall deep into our hearts. We have had glorious…

Confessions about Discontentment and Learning to Love the Moment

My husband and I have been traveling or living overseas for the last 14 years. I am not talking about one international trip a year, but many! And not the sightseeing kind either that involves air-conditioned buses and plush hotels. Often we travel to under-developed countries and stay in humble homes. We are constantly fighting…

Anti-Semitism in America

“Priest and Rabbi” by David Olère At the University of California in San Diego, a Muslim student reveals