It has been some months now since I have written about the passing of my father-in-law last December. The grieving process continues. I still cry at unexpected times, and I enjoy great pleasure in many warm memories as well. Recovering after the death of a loved one is a process. Sometimes I just sit and think, “Wow, … More Shadows

Spring Mourning

tenderly remove morning’s frost from spring petals, some still mourn winter During the lifetime of Jesus, the Jews had a unique custom pertaining to the temple in Jerusalem. When entering, the people had to walk in only one direction. They moved up the stairs, through the outer courts, inner sanctuary, and down the stairs to exit, all in the same … More Spring Mourning

Something Irrevocable

  Since my father-in-law passed away before Christmas, I have been on a journey of embracing the reality of his death, walking through the process of grief, and praying for acceptance and healing on the otherside. Here are a three thoughts on grief. 

Mr. Sick

  Before I lived abroad, before I had a daughter, before I was a pastor’s wife, before I was married, before I lived on a kibbutz in Israel, I worked as a nurse–for many years–in Colorado and then Texas. I graduated from Porter Memorial Hospital in Denver, so many years ago I don’t care to remember … More Mr. Sick

Fading Fingerprints

  In my recent post, “The Last Gift,” I wrote about the last present that Dad gave me on Thanksgiving Day. It was practical, a plastic toothpick holder filled with toothpicks. This morning the thought occurred to me that Dad’s fingerprints, literally, are still on that gift. If I had the powder that the police use … More Fading Fingerprints