haiku: irony

prickly thistle thrives in the desert place, swathed in purple like a king

One Glance

One Glance One glance from your eyes will change me forever… forsaken to beloved ashes to beauty swarthy to lovely rejected to accepted from a desert thorn to a desert rose.

haiku: desert place

sparkling springs at home draw me from this desert place where I have wandered

Desert Purple

I used to be a very sad person. Prone to depression most of my teenage and young adult years, I actually tried to kill myself at age 24. This is something I am certainly not proud of, but I can boast in the redeeming power of God in my life that turned my “mourning into dancing,”…

Barefoot-Summer Days of Childhood

I enjoyed summer so much more as a child than as an adult, especially since I moved to Texas from Colorado in 1975. I have never gotten used to the heat here… still find it unbearable. Texas is what my dad calls disdainfully, “A swelter pit.” What keeps me here of course is my dear, sweet,…