85th Birthday Bash

We are in Colorado for the weekend for my Dad’s 85th birthday bash — well, it more of a special celebration meal than a bash. Still, I think being 85 is pretty special. Both my parents look really good! And secretly I think they are more active and have less pain in their bodies than … More 85th Birthday Bash

Words to Honor Her

I heard someone say once that poetry is simply the right words placed in perfect order. Well, if you have ever written a poem, you know how challenging and yet fun it is to find the appropriate words and arrange them perfectly to express your heart. Hard work and rewarding work. Here are a few … More Words to Honor Her

That Guy!

This guy has taken me all over the world. Or I guess I could say: I have followed him all over the world. There are a lot of reasons why I like this and will continue to follow him… Two good reasons are that he puts up with these two fur babies of mine. And … More That Guy!