haiku: kindling

just a baby born blessed is the kindling that sparked redemption’s great flame

First Glow of Hanukkah

We lit the first candles of Hanukkah: the Shamash or the servant candle and the first candle of the eight nights.   Then we played a game. The white-haired man in the middle lost the game. He lost really bad. Notice how unhappy he looks! He doesn’t like to lose. Nope not at all.  Neither…

Leaning on the Stars

  Leaning on the Stars Writers are strange creatures. Who can explain the impulse to write or tell when it will come–or worse–when it will go? We are leaving for the airport in about 20 minutes, and this poem came to my mind. It would be so easy to skip this trip, to enjoy the first of the holidays…

Outraged After Thanksgiving!

Yesterday our daughter had to work. She is the hostess at a cute, little restaurant nearby. Wayne and I decided to see a movie. After making a selection, we picked a cinema close to us. We had heard this movie would be sold out, so we went early to purchase our tickets. We had about…

haiku: alone tonight

  ********************* Daughter off to work, and Daddy upstairs asleep, just Mama and tree. ********************* 

Cooked and Carved

When Wayne got home from work, he carved the turkeys, and I made the gravy. We put it all in the fridge for tomorrow.   

Deconstructionism, Salt, and Sugar

Rockwell’s “Thanksgiving” Deconstructionism dismisses the value of anything it touches–in literature or culture. It dismantles, even splinters the structure itself, questioning the blueprint of the framework in the first place. Ken, in a recent post of mine, Narcissism, on the death of ceremony, made an astute comment that the philosophy of deconstructionism is one of the root causes of the rejection of…