Justice Society demands vengeance but cannot bear justice, requires morality but cannot stand faultless under a searchlight, expects order but despises authority, screams for open borders and the acceptance of the tired, poor huddled masses yearning to be free but won’t share a meal and offer a bed to a stranger in need. We are … More Justice

A New Poem

A New Poem I love a new poem that I must read over and over. First run is a foreign language, but as I go through the words one by one— turning them over and over, weighing, measuring, giving them the tender respect they deserve—then the phrases, metaphors, similes, word spacings, and stanza breaks, it … More A New Poem

Love and Beauty

Love and Beauty How we yearned for the earth to release, to let go its weightless gold and allow the revelation to   fill our souls. And suddenly it bloomed, parchment leaf by parchment leaf shimmering in   the light until our whole world brimmed with the treasures of unfolding fall. In those sweet   … More Love and Beauty

Canyon Carvings

Canyon Carvings What words are carved of You Oh, Ancient of Days across these canyon walls? I see You, think if You, yearn for You in every crevasse. What is Your Name? What motivates You? All this glory around me tells me a story about You. But as it turns out, this is my story. … More Canyon Carvings

The Edge

The Edge It’s hard to imagine just how much we live on the edge. Daily life brings us to the   periphery of the lake, the pond, the river, the fountain, the canyon, even the thin   brink of the heavens in a swift moving jet. But some get sick of that hard   demarcation of … More The Edge


“But if he says to you, ‘I will not go out from you,’ because he loves you and your household, since he is well-off with you,  then you shall take an awl, and put it through his ear into the door, and he shall be your slave forever” (Duet. 15:16-17). Shackled There is a chain … More Shackled