An Elk Day

Yesterday was glorious, clear and sunny and warm. Perfect. We took a long walk to the downtown area of Estes Park, sat by the bubbling white water river, drank espressos, read, soaking in the rays, visited as couples do… very memorable. Then we shopped and enjoyed the local color of the street bazar filled with … More An Elk Day

Jackson Hole

Today we drove from Twin Falls, Idaho, to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. And what a drive. Majestic. Awesome. Breathtaking. Stunning. I am posting only a few of my best photos of the day. Today we saw hawk, horned sheep, elk, antelope, and chipmunks!

Feeling of Home

This will date me. Yesterday I downloaded an old movie from iTunes and enjoyed watching every moment of it. As I soaked in the story and cinematography, I kept asking myself why I loved it so much. Well, it was “Jeremiah Johnson,” and it’s the story of a mountain man right after the Civil War … More Feeling of Home