The Untangler

I wish I had a dollar for every necklace my husband has untangled for me over the last 27 years. Even though his hands are much larger than mine, somehow he has the skill and most of all the patience to untangle the knotted links of any tiny chain. Little by little he unravels, untwists, … More The Untangler

Zero Agenda

For the few remaining devoted readers of  “culture vs content,” I apologize for being such a bad blogger over the last few months. To say my life has been busy would be an understatement. I am not complaining. It has been fun, at times frustrating and utterly exhausting, and never boring. The last two and … More Zero Agenda

A Few Favorite Things

Steeples. Archways. Sunsets or rises for that matter. Chocolate-covered strawberries. Art. This is by Scottish painter, Gina Wright. Girl dog–Tiki. Oh how I miss her. Someone is caring for her in the states. Billy Collins. Poet Laureate of the USA 2001-2003. Velocity By Billy Collins In the club car that morning I had my notebook … More A Few Favorite Things