To spurn all of this— To credit no one for the systematic order and glory of the universe—that He spoke into existence by the breath of a Word, conceived by the sharp-edge of wit, unmatched, cared for by the extravagant heart of a benevolent Father, and held together by the surge and swell of unbending…

Hydrangea Rock

 My hydrangeas are rocking this year, so vibrant and full, with multiple blooms. I’m lovin’ it!

Morning at My Front Door…

“The horns of the morning are blowing, are shining… ” Philiph Larkin I love morning, everyday and in every season! But spring mornings are especially lovely, and I am enjoying the flowers in our yard as they awaken from the barreness of winter, one by one.  

haiku: spring

  winter’s spell broken when the cold barren branch bursts  pink life from the dead