‘What Happens in Las Vegas… ‘

You have heard the commericial, “What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas.” The lure is to come for a vacation, have fun, and let your barriers down–no one needs to know. Your secrets are safe here.

Sounds enticing?

Today we are pulling out of Colorado Springs and making our way to Pagosa Springs for two weeks of respite–mountains, rest, swimming, working out, eating good food, reading, doing nothing, hiking, movies, and yes, vigilance.

This is not the typical “vacation” word.

As we are pulling out, I am contemplating the fact that we can never really let down, not even on vacation. We can never remove the restraints that keep us sound in our daily lives and workday worlds. Some would see this as binding and negative. I view this is as a powerful and positive safeguard.

I am remembering the biblical story of when the wall around Jerusalem was being rebuilt thousands of years ago. There were many enemies that opposed the rebuilding, so the workers had to labor with one hand and defend themselves with swords with the other.

Astonishing! Can you imagine? Rebuilding a wall with one hand and fighting an enemy with the other?

Yet that is how I feel entering into a two-week vacation. The urgent need to “not let down.” Too much loose in body, soul, or spirit can yield regrettable choices in life. The truth is that we are in a battle, and our enemies do not vacation–enemies meaning the powers that dwell in high places not of this world–and they are calculating, anticipating our weakest moments. That unseen world is real.

But as Scripture clearly teaches when we are weak, then we are strong because we enter into supernatural strength that is greater than this world.

It is good to be aware that sometimes overwhelming vulnerability and lapses in life can occur when we are “letting down.”

We laugh when he hear the story of the man who drove to Las Vegas in a Cadillac and returned in a bus. He made some regrettable choices! But the point of this is not that Las Vegas is bad or any place is bad; rather wherever we are, we must remain vigilant in our choices. Many lives have emerged from moments of “letting down” in brokenness and regret, with years of rebuilding and putting the pieces together again.

Yes, our bodies and souls will be resting, recreating, having fun; but our spirits remain alert and vigilant.

Vigilant on vacation. Now there is a counter-culture idea.


  1. Kami and I are on vacation in Corpus Christi now, so this is a good thing to remember as we voluntarily toast our bodies 🙂

    We were listening to some teachings on the way down by Bill Johnson on the leaven of the Pharisees, Herod, and the Kingdom. How it can penetrate every area of our lives no matter where we are. With the leaven comes a perception of how we look at things- whether it be through eyes of lack or eyes of the imminence of the unseen realm, the Kingdom of God, manifesting itself where we are- just because of our agreement with His desires and who He has called us to be.

    Vigilant for the unseen realm indeed- who knows that our vacation could be the catalyst for someone’s permanent freedom in their mind, body, or spirit?

    Ps- Kami had a pretty intense dream with you in it last night, ya’ll should talk about it when you see each other next..

  2. I was up at 3 AM thinking and praying for you guys. I am not surprised that Kami had a dream. Let’s get together at the end of August.

  3. As I read your words…I thought how we are the embodiment of His Kingdom on earth and how we can not just check out of our body just to have a “good time”. If we do “check out” or let down, as you put it, we make a an active choice to do so. Those choices reap consequences.
    When we were on our vacation in Florida this past April we were around alot of family that we don’t see often. Jonathan’s older sister is a lesbian and a buhdist. In the flesh it is very easy to want to avoid her. However, there are moments of eternal opportunity that present themselves that you know to ignore them would would cause all of heaven to grieve. So the one day we had at the beach his sister came along and though I wanted to play with the kids and take walks along the beach…I sat with my sister in law and listened to her philosiphy of life and she to mine. When I quoted a specific scripture in the Bible she stopped and looked at me and said…”Is that really in the Bible?” I joyfully answered YES and I knew that was the moment her heart had opened just a bit to the One True God. To me that was the true meaning of that whole trip. Sure we had fun and we played and it was great, but that moment was eternal and impacting. It would have been easy to follow my flesh and ignore my sister in law, but I know I could not have lived with my decision knowing I had passed up a moment of eternal significance.
    Galatians 6:6-9 syas it best…it speaks of reaping what we sow and to not grow weary of doing good.
    Thanks for directing me to this site and for the word you shared. It blessed me very much.
    Also, forgive the incorrect spelling.

    Luv Ya,

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