Earring Connection

Over a decade ago, Wayne, Julia, and I sold, stored or packed our worldly belongings. We boarded a plane for a new adventure–a new life in Odessa, Ukraine. Communism had just fallen. Our vision was broad, our hopes high, and our experience nill. 

It was so hard to say good bye to family and friends. We parted with tears and hugs, and set our faces toward the former Soviet Union.

Before we left, a dear friend, Laurinda, gave me a precious gift of a pair of earrings and a necklace. They were garnets set in silver. I loved the setting; it was artsy and beautiful, but most importantly, it reminded me of Laurinda.

Laurinda Rose is her full name, and that is what I call her. She is like a rose in friendship and love. But she is spicy and saucy in personality–a hard worker and a great friend. And that is why I love her so much. She is a blend of many wonderful things. Most of all, she is a beautiful picture of a true wife and mother and one who is dedicated to serving God and others. Her life always challenges me to higher realms.

In the course of that last eleven years, I have lost and found that pair of earrings three times. The first time I panicked because I could not find them anywhere. We had traveled over so many miles–throughout Ukraine, Eastern Europe, and Europe. I prayed and found the earrings tucked in a dark corner of a drawer in our apartment in Odessa.

The second time I lost them was in Budapest, Hungary. We were visiting dear friends who lived there and staying in a hotel. I brought only one pair of earrings–the Laurinda earrings–for a ten-day trip. And on the first day, they were no where to be found. I panicked again and scoured the whole hotel room, my suitcases and bags. I looked for three days. They were simply gone. It was so sad, because they represented my dear friend.

I prayed again. And the thought came to me as clear as a bell: Look in your orange slippers.

Yes, there they were, buried in the toe of a pair of orange, hand-knitted slippers. I have no idea how they got there. But the answer came so clearly and directionally.

The next time I lost the earrings was just a few days ago while on vacation in Colorado. I went to put them on and found only one in the bag. I panicked. My earrings, they are finally lost. I looked through all my bags, on the floor and in my purse. I looked in the rented car, and I followed my trail. I looked under the furniture–everywhere.


So I prayed. This time the answer came a day later: Look on the top of your makeup bag. And there it was snagged on the top. It gleamed as I unsnagged it and put it on.

This blog is to say God answers prayer and cares about small things.

It is also to say I appreciate an enduring friendship like Laurinda’s. With or without the earring connection.

As I write this, the earrings are dangling on my ears. It is so good to know where they are!

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  1. jon dunn says:

    You are so kind to write such wonderful things about my wife. This is both encouraging and heartfelt. She will so appreciate your words and thoughts. Hope you and WW are getting some much needed r & r

  2. Jim Dunn says:

    You certainly are right about Laurinda and I could tell many other great stories of her courage and kindness .
    You are also right on that she can be pretty spicey and I would say sassy ,Just Kidding , but I love her as my own daughter .

  3. jon dunn says:

    My sweet friend, I remember being so delighted that I had chosen some accessories that YOU really liked. When you and Wayne were leaving I couldn’t think of anything that would bless ME more than to think that you were wearing something I treasured. I am so glad it blessed you too. I heartily join with you in thanking the Lord for caring about the little things. And, I love your guts. By the way, are you resting or are you sitting in a little cabin with your computer?

  4. emma Rudolph says:

    Love those earrings. Hide and seek is a great game as long as you find what you are looking for. Yeah Laurinda is pretty cool. Good blog, Bon. Remember to write a story for all your friends. One for every day and we are definitely waiting. We want you to have a lot of practice honing your skills and making us look good to the world. Yes I can read it now. Just joking of course, I think.

  5. Bonnie says:


    I stil have those earrings on. I wore them almost everyday here in Colorado!

  6. Bonnie says:


    Keep reading. You’ll find yourself in the funny papers one day too.

  7. Bonnie says:

    Jim, I would like to hear some more stories on Laurinda….

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