Jewish Rebirth in Germany

One of the few Jewish institutes to survive the shattering, “Night of Broken Glass (Kristallnact) in 1938, Germany’s largest synagogue has been refurbished and opened her doors today. It is a sign of Jewish rebirth in Germany. Rabbi Leo Trepp, who preached in the synagogue in the 1930s and attended the opening ceremony in Berlin today, calls the opening a miracle. 

Last year, more Jews immigrated to Germany than to Israel. This is a miracle too!

In the ugly aftermath of the Holocaust and the events of World War II, who would ever believe that Jews would return to Germany? I believe one of the catalysts of this “Jewish rebirth” is the Evangelical Sisters of Mary, located in Darmstadt, Germany, founded by Sister Basilea Schlink

During WWII, Sister Schlink ran a girls’ school in Darmstadt, and she had prayed fervently for revival among the young women. The bombing of their city ignited a revival among the girls who then reached out to many hurting people at the time. After the war, Sister Schlink founded the potestant sisterhood in 1947.

Since then, their sole mission has been to pray for and work toward reconciliation between Germany and the Jewish people around the world.

Sister Josepha from Darmstadt came to Dallas, Texas, a few years ago and addressed a large group of Messianic Jews. She stood before them and wept for fifteen minutes before she asked the question, “Would you please forgive us?”

The whole place brushed tears from their eyes and received her with opened arms of forgiveness.

The sisters take this message every place they have an opportunity, and they are not limited to Messianic Jews. They have deep connections with Jews who do not believe in Jesus. The fruit of healing follows them.

Someday heaven will reveal the broken lives that have been mended by the prayers and actions of these humble sisters.

Yes, I believe Germany is experiencing a “rebirth” of Jewish culture and influence. The opening of this synagogue is one symbol of that rebirth. Many Messianic Jews are immigrating to Germany from Russia. They are changing the landscape of who a Jew is and what he believes in Germany. They are praying to be used as instruments of healing as well.

We will keep our eye on Germany. God is moving, and interesting chapters of healing are filling the records of history there everyday.

The selfless choices of one woman are still affecting Europe.

And I believe that Sister Basilea Schlink saw this miracle of Jewish rebirth in Germany, while on her knees as she wept over the choices of her countrymen.

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