I Like Know This is Like Really Shallow, but…


“Dwight Schrute”

Like, no more “The Office” due to the like writers’ strike in Hollywood? What? I like know this is like really shallow, but how can I like survive without “The Office?”

Well, I am so glad that my friend, Kristin’s, brother has been like practicing the role of Dwight Schrute already, during Halloween festivities at his own “office.”  

Without “The Office” to hold my attention and inspire my life, I like may get lazy and slip into woolgathering.

At least, I will have the new “Dwight Schrute” to turn to when the world stops like turning.

I always suspected like writers made like the whole world go around. Now I like know they do.

PS I like might add that a little woolgathering serves as the like launching pad for all good writers.

1 Comment

  1. Like, I am still in mourning for “Arrested Development” and now THIS!!!! It is all too much. It puts world issues into perspective doesn’t it. Now, smile for the camera and hand Gangy a drink because, like, you know, bourbon goes bad if you don’t drink it right away.

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