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The amazing song to which you can listen below on YouTube is titled, “Sigma.” It is an Irish song written by David Agnew and recorded by 11 year old, Rhonan Sugure, of the Irish National Chamber Choir and the European group called Secret Garden. Below are the lyrics in English: 


I search for the sign

That will set my soul free

My heart must be pure

So that I can find peace

My grief cannot last forever

My love will be fulfilled

I pray a sign will help me

Be all that I can be

The wind is your voice

The rain is your tears

Your burning heart

And spirit is my salvation

One Comment Add yours

  1. Amrita Singh says:

    The atmosphere the song created cannot be described in words.But was the singer 11 yr old R Sugure?

    The words of the song are very spiritual and deep.

    The video transmission was faulty as the phone connection was not good but i enjoyed it.

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