My husband and I are in Coral Gables, Florida, at the Biltmore Hotel. This is a business trip, but we are having so much fun; it doesn’t feel like work. Pure pleasure.

I have to admit, I broke down crying when I had to pack my suitcase again. I know that sounds ridiculous. I guess I am still frail from all the traveling we have done recently. Anyway, now that we are here, I am so glad. I will try to steal away some moments here and there of personal respite and reflection.

One of the urologists that I worked with for a number of years is here. it has been great to reconnect with him and his lovely wife. In fact, it has been wonderful and fun to connect with everyone here.

The Biltmore, built in the 1920s has an amazing history. This place was quite famous during the glamour years of Hollywood and with the stars of that generation. I keep expecting Clark Gable to walk across the lobby. The hotel is grand, elegant, beautiful, classic, and timeless. The weather has been incredibly sunny and mild.

And I know this is a yawner, so before I put you to sleep, I’ll sign off.

More pictures coming… Tomorrow evening we will have Shabbat dinner on a yacht. That should be the ultimate in pampering.

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