My husband and I just watched the moving Larry King interview of the Steven Curtis Chapman family concerning the tragic death of their five-year-old daughter, Maria Sue. We wept through their recollections and as they gave glory to God through all the pain.

i marveled at their son, Will, who accidently hit his sister on their driveway at home, with so few experiences in his short teenaged life to bear such a huge burden. God’s grace rested on him as he spoke. His grace rested on the whole family as they wrestled with questions, not about God’s goodness rather why it happened at all. They don’t claim to have the answer, but they are not angry with Will or with God. What an amazing testimony.

One interesting note: The morning before she died, Maria had written on a paper the word, “SEE” with a butterfly at the bottom. The family came across the small, childish painting before the funeral. It greatly encouraged them to “see” the tragedy from an eternal perspective and take comfort in the fact that Maria is in heaven looking down on them. This was a nugget that blessed my life as well!

The interview was so moving and really drives home the truth that many people in this world have suffered great losses. And that no matter what we go through, God is there to comfort and heal.

Here is a story about their ABC interview today.

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  1. sumijoti says:

    I was immensely blessed by it too! What an amazing testimony. I could relate so well since I am walking a similar path. It is not easy, but like Mary Beth said – even when you reach rock bottom, you still find that God is the foundation underneath.

  2. Eva Rohrer says:

    The story touched by heart to tears for the Godly and human feelings of the Chapman’s, I love the little Cinderella song, makes me want to go to Mexico and share more with my family, while we are on the road of life… Thank you for sharing…



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