Anti-Semitic T-Shirts in France


 The owner and salesman of a shop in Paris has been arrested for selling T-shirts with the anti-Semitic phrase on them: “Jews forbidden from entering the park.” They are printed in both German and Polish and refer to the Nazi-era Jewish ghetto of Lodz, Poland.

You can read the story here.

France has one of the largest Jewish communities in the world outside of Israel and the USA, at about half million people. Anti-Semitism is raging in France and not always reported by the media. You can read the first-hand account of a Jew living in France here.

I believe God has a special calling on the believers of France to bring about reconciliation between Israel and Europe. And in the days ahead, I believe many French will repent for not blessing the seed of Abraham as the Bible instructs us in Genesis 12.

France has some heroes who helped the Jewish people during WWII. Here is one story:

 Written by his own hand, the Bible of Andre Trocmé bears this inscription in French:

Happy are those hungry and thirsty of justice; for they will be satisfied…

Andre Trocmé earned the right to speak of justice, especially for the European Jews. As a French Protestant pastor in Le Chambon, Trocmé became an agent of God’s love. In the winter of 1941, Trocmé opened his home to a cold and hungry Jewish woman who was fleeing the Nazis. His act of kindness multiplied and became a strong shelter. The entire town followed his example; and for the next four years, they collectively rescued and sheltered 5,000 Jewish refugees.

Strong faith and conviction led Pastor Trocmé to risk his life for the lives of others. He despised the injustice of the world around him. As an instrument of God’s just intervention, Trocmé saved 5,000 Jewish people who did not deserve to die.

 “I will bless those who bless my people, and I will curse those who curse them.”

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