To Touch the Moon

This is my daughter gazing across the river at the fairytale-like city of Prague.

I love the memory of this moment. It evokes recollections of my own… sweetly reminding me of something my daughter said as a four-year-old as we walked to our car across the church parking lot at night. The moon shone bright yellow that night–instead of silver–and it glowed like a ball of molten gold–like a work in progress in the hands of a goldsmith. And it hung in mid-air, burning hot against the inky black of night.

Suddenly my daughter ran ahead of me and proclaimed as she jumped up and down, “Mama, Mama, oh how I want to touch the moon tonight, but I can’t reach it.”

The moment was so poetic for me as she jumped up and down, as a four-year-old, maybe really believing she could touch the moon… if she reached high enough…

She is a young woman now stepping into the unknown of tomorrow–with many cities like Prague in the distance. Her heart is filled with exciting dreams, plans, and much prayer for direction– and I really don’t think it’s the mother in me speaking… but I believe now that she’ll touch that moon after all…

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Tara says:

    Love the analogy, Bonnie!

  2. abigail says:

    absolutely beautiful.

  3. Talia says:

    This is absolutely perfect.

  4. Syble says:

    That girl will touch the moon and anything else she wants! I’ve heard this story many times and every time as I read or hear it my eyes get moist. What a precious, bouncy, loving little girl she was and guess what, the years since that night have not changed those fun qualities in her one bit! She is still precious, bouncy, and loving with the maturity of a young woman of God. Much is in store for her waaay beyond what she dreams or thinks!

  5. elinorrose says:

    Love this. Your words are so beautiful, makes me want to go out and see if the moon is within reach tonight.

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