The Other Side of the World…


Wayne brought back some amazing photos from Ethiopia. Of course, his visit is fresh on his mind and ours, and we have been talking about it in detail.

The poverty of that nation has changed our attitudes this Thanksgiving. Yes, we are always grateful, but seeing firsthand and experiencing it really cultivates a depth of thanksgiving with each trip we make to the other side of the world.




They help head up the school we started.



This is a branch woman that makes her living walking up the mountain to collect tree branches and walks down the mountain to the city to sell them. These women carry vast loads of branches on their backs and get very little money in return. If you could see their feet, you would be amazed–no shoes! It is not unusual to pass 20 or 30 women like these along the highways, trying to make a few cents to survive. It is a better living than just being on the street without anything.

This is the other side of the world where people thank you for bringing them a cane… they know they are limping…

Desperation changes people… When will America become desperate enough to want God?

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  1. Andrew says:

    A good question but I don’t know the answer.
    As for me, it was long ago…

  2. lamarhowell says:

    Sometimes I think that is what it will take. Jesus said, “The poor have the gospel preached to them.” Maybe the rich and comfortable simply won’t hear.

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