A Day in Cyprus…


Yesterday we drove to the village of Koilani that is just minutes from our village, Trimiklini. The mountains are full of quaint villages like these and touring them never gets old. The ancient stones, the cobbled streets, the huge terracotta water pots reflect simpler days and life that was much harder for the Cypriots who lived in the mountains. Some of these towns are 700 plus years old. They traveled by mule over these winding passages.


The doors and shutters are painted lively colors often.


Later in the evening, we hosted good friends for dinner.


Hummous, tachini, and Cypriot olives. This is a meal for to me! But we also had soup and salad.




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  1. serah says:

    love the pictures bonnie! i like koilani as well. my favorite cyprus wine comes from there. get better soon!

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