Cyprus in Winter


Yesterday I took a long walk around the property of the hotel where we are staying in Paphos. Cyprus is an incredibly beautiful place–even though it is the middle of winter. Of course, there are some dead flowers and leaves along the way, but generally I found a lot of color and life.


Yes, there are Cypress trees in Cyprus, but the country was not named for the trees. It is an ancient Greek word meaning “copper.” The copper mines in the mountains drew many to her shores through the centuries. Now most of the copper has been mined.


Dead leaves clinging to their branches in winter.


Delicate purple…


There are red geraniums in big pots dotted around the property. And almost every home in Cyprus has at least one or two pots in their yards somewhere. They are so hearty and do well almost anywhere.


The almond trees are just starting to blossom here. They are so gorgeous.


Just a reminder of how much Cyprus needs rain.


The sea remains the same here with her ancient songs and stories luring thousands to her shores each year.

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