“Yored Geshem…”



We are staying just outside of Jerusalem in a village. This is the view from our balcony.

csc_0046Yesterday yored geshem birushalayim. That’s Hebrew for “falling rain in Jerusalem.” It did rain… most of the day. It was fine; because it was a catch up day for us, and we stayed in and did some administrative work. Like Cyprus, Israel needs the rain.

Late in the afternoon, it stopped raining; so I threw my jacket on and went outside to snap some photos. Everything was so green and fresh from the rain. The wet earth smelled so good! I was just enjoying the post-rain ambiance when I heard some bells tinkling. I looked up to see a group of goats walking down the sidewalk, just grazing and enjoying a break in the weather.


They were so cute and so curious…


And so hungry… 


See their cute little collars and bells?


Here’s some laundry from across the way…


Deflated ball in a field…


Potted plant on the front porch…

Well, have I bored you to sleep yet? I’ve been in way too long…

2 Comments Add yours

  1. David Katz says:

    No, not boring at all. I am enjoying your photos in both this and your next installment on 17 March.

  2. Diana Terry says:

    This blue flower is just breath taking! Almost hurts my eyes 🙂 How gorgeous! No not boring! I am loving it and dreaming I am there with you. LOL

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