We are back home in Texas. The flight was long and the best kind ever–uneventful. On the way home, Wayne and looked at all the photos I took over the last three months–hundreds of them! It was like enjoying our three months abroad–again!

I had forgotten that I had snapped the above photo one afternoon after we had gone to the Western Wall to pray. We were standing right out side of the Lion’s Gate, and a couple walked by. This woman kept looking at me as she passed.

And I will never forget the look in her eyes. I can’t even assume what she was thinking, but she kept turning around and peering into me. She was aware that I was taking her photo, and she was almost posing for shots. She seemed to want to pull something from me or to want to communicate with me in some way…

Anyway, she is one of many that we saw and longed to share the love of Jesus with. I am glad I came across this photo again, because I want to begin to pray in earnest for this woman–that God will reveal Himself to her–among many others that we met as we traveled.

I am remembering the verse, “The Son of Man came to seek and to save that which is lost.” And that is the foundation of why we travel. It is just good to remember it, especially now as we are settling in for a season of being home in the states…

No matter where we are, the spirit of God within us is “seeking that which is lost…”

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