Dirty Little Secrets…


He drinks out of the toilet…


She licks between her toes…


On a short-term missions trip to Eastern Europe, he stopped the van suddenly along side of the road and ran swiftly into the dense forest… he yelled for me (his dutiful wife) to follow him with toilet paper… the other team members waited patiently for their lead/driver to return… on to Check Point Charlie…. 


They hide chocolate in very high cupboards where their children cannot reach… And they look so kind…


They once gave their family refrigerator away… and their children came home from school and… no refrigerator…


He once called the former Soviet Union the “Evil Empire.”


He was banned for a few years to a Siberian labor camp because he did not want to serve in the Ukrainian army and go to combat in Afghanistan…


They have made numerous trips to Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and they still don’t like one of the national dishes–borscht! They eat it, but do they like it?… no!


He likes rattlesnakes… always have… always will…


He once asked for more french fries on his hamburger order at Judge Roy Bean’s restaurant in Carrolton because there were just too few on his plate… the waitress, dumbfounded, brought more fries…


He bullies the smaller fish…


Once he wore a brown shoe and a black shoe to church… and he was the preacher…


At age 21, she still reads “Winnie-the-Pooh.” Sometimes, she still colors…


She sometimes joins her 21 year-old daughter in coloring. She also has been known to fix a hem with masking tape and try to dye a garment with beet juice. She also laughed so hard once during a Sunday-evening service at church that she was asked by an elder to leave the sanctuary or get it under control…


She often instigates the laughter…

More dirty little secrets coming…

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Syble says:

    Yeah, but I wouldn’t get so tickled if my friends didn’t make me laugh!!!!!!!!! Wonder who the elder was that told you
    to “get it under control”????????? I’m glad that never happened to me!!!!!!!!!! (or did it?)

  2. David Katz says:

    Was glad to see that cat on that chair again . . .

  3. Bonnie says:

    David, I am trying to remember a dirty little secret on you…

  4. Bettye Breckenridge says:

    This is funny and good. Got some more?

  5. David Katz says:

    You won’t find any on me! I am so transparent, there are no secrets!

  6. Bonnie says:

    David, I hava already remembered one…

  7. David Katz says:

    Now you have me very curious . . . better not be too bad!

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