The Morning after Rain…



I am sitting in our backyard under the arbor and next to the pond.


The morning after rain is always so fresh and clear. It’s like getting a new lease on life… all the dusty old is washed away, with a sparkling new start…

As I was enjoying my cup of coffee and meditating on the goodness of the Lord, I thought about how many metaphors and similes there are in the Bible for the character and Person of God.


Once during my daily devotional time a few  years ago, I made a journal of all I could find. It so encouraged my faith to see the Creator of the universe compared to a lion, a healing ointment, a strong tower, a morning star, a shield, the Beginning and the End… the list goes on and on…


One of my favorites is this: “I will be like dew to the people of Israel. They will blossom like flowers. They will be firmly rooted like cedars from Lebanon” (Hosea 14:5).


Before there was rain, the earth was covered with dew each morning. The nourishment of plants and trees, it sustained vital life. Those sparkling drops were as precious as diamonds as the dry earth soaked them up.

It is my prayer this morning that the people of Israel scattered abroad will feel the sustaining comfort and life-giving force of God their Creator and Yeshua, their Redeemer in many natural and miraculous ways today.

CSC_0048Uh, ohh, this guy is back… so much for leisurely enjoying the dew of morning. Scat! Catch you later…

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