Forward Stop



Are grilled sardines kosher? 

A lazy Saturday afternoon is just what the doctor ordered. “Ordered to pay a fine,” is what the judge says when you have a violation in traffic. Traffic is either light or heavy but light is better. Better is not as good as best but much better than good. Good is a common value of uncommon people. People can be made plural and sounds and looks like peoples. Peoples are many ethnicities in a group. Group works at a barbeque but not a honeymoon. Honeymoon is over for the new black president, or should I say African American president… I don’t know what is currently kosher. Kosher was “black” about a decade ago, and before that “negro” was kosher. Kosher is blessed by a rabbi. Rabbi is a Jewish holy man of the Torah. Torah is the law of Moses. Moses is not Charlton Heston, rather the Jewish baby that Pharaoh’s daughter rescued. Rescued is what Moses did for the Jewish slaves in Egypt. Egypt is a synonym for dark in Hebrew. Hebrew is an ancient language turned modern by Russian Zionist Eliazer ben Yehuda–that married two sisters–not at the same time. Time is money. Money makes the world go ’round, and also if you love it too much it is called the root of all evil. Evil and good are both created by God. God is not popular among atheists or post-modern, post-Christian men. Men and women try to understand that God can create good and evil and also sunshine and ice. Ice is most desirable sculpted, in carbonated drinks, and at a distance. Distance in short time is what Lance Armstrong can do on his bicycle. Bicycle are two cycles speeding forward. Forward is where this is going to stop suddenly.

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