Cat be Nimble…



Even if he’s in a dead sleep or in another zone…


He doesn’t mind waking up to play…


And this is what I totally love about cats…


No matter what they are doing, it pales in comparison to batting a stick or chasing a ball of yarn…


Oh yeah, he’s into it now.


This is as much fun as chasing mice… well almost as fun as chasing mice. You see when we lived in Ukraine, he had a lot of mice to chase. In fact, he lived in mouse and rat heaven, so he knows how to have a good time.


He slams the stick down for a “kill.”


And when it’s over, it’s over… he’s back to napping in a sun patch.


I couldn’t get this sweet doggie  to play with a stick for all the dog food on the planet… believe me I have tried. A dog is a dog, and a cat is, well nimble…

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