Entering Twilight Zone

As a teenager, I sat up late a few times with my parents to watch “Twilight Zone.” Creative and offbeat, the television series hit a chord with many viewers. Twilight Zone was that weird place where life wasn’t quite right. Up seemed like down, and right and wrong got twisted. People did weird things, and life careened recklessly down the mountain called “Out of Control and Strange.”

Sometimes it was eerie, spooky, and downright scary. Some episodes made you think that the insane may be more normal than the sane. Reruns are still popular, but I haven’t returned for Act II yet. “Twilight Zone” will always have a following.

Twilight is that time of day between sunset and dusk or dawn and sunrise. The earth is not light or dark. Everything blends and becomes gray. The sun is below the earth’s horizon and not visible, although its rays still illuminate the lower atmosphere.

The popular book series and even more popular movie series, “Twilight” is unique. I believe it will change American–maybe even world–culture as definitively as the Beatles did in the sixties.

Until now, almost every plot in the world has used the standard “light vs dark” theme. Mostly the light has a higher standard and calling and is easily distinguished from the dark. And in the end, the light wins. The players are different, and the backdrops unique and creative; but the plot remains the same: “light vs dark.”

The “Twilight” series veers from this standard form and employs “dark vs deep dark.” Just like the time of day, “twilight” the sun or the light source is invisible, below the horizon. Everything is gray and shadowy. No longer can the light be chosen because it is ABSENT. The message of the movie is “choose the highest dark, because the light is no longer a choice.”

This is scary to me, and it ceases to be entertainment because of its popularity and power to change a generation.

I believe Hollywood will use this theme of “dark vs deep dark” again and again. It becomes irresistible when it is coupled with the hook of youthful, passionate, undying romance–love that is so deep, so strong and so unquenchable that the darkness becomes the only choice.

It used to be that people died for the causes of the light, not the darkness.

To most of the world, believing or non-believing, this is just good entertainment or cheesy entertainment, depending on your mindset. I think the series is dangerous to the unbeliever more than the believer–the one looking for the light of hope in their lives–the one truly living and condemned to darkness because the Light of the World has not shined into his/her heart yet. 

I am not making a judgment here if one should see the movies or read the books. Not my business. I am merely stating my opinion that this series has introduced a spiral down into deep darkness in our culture that is sad to me. And time will tell if my hunch is right.

We have entered the Twilight Zone…

And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil (John 3:19).

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  1. Gayle says:

    The lure of the dark side is frightening. I don’t like to see people being drawn into it.

  2. gnubee says:

    Thought provoking observations Bonnie. Even the promo photo creeps me out – three look like they’ve already made a decision, three perhaps still “looking” back?
    Either way, I think you are right – we have entered the Twilight Zone!

  3. mark says:

    your observation that one is encouraged now to choose between “dark vs. deep dark” as opposed to “light vs. dark” was very thought provoking for me…

    I have wondered at length at the unprecedented craze with vampires that has swept hollywood these days. Wondering what is so aluring about them and what leads to their popularity… other than maybe just a rising interest in the supernatural? your observation sheds some light on this question.

  4. eveningglories says:

    From Susan:

    In the final days of 2009, the Lord talked to me repeatedly about “twilight time” which I believe is the hour we are now entering. God’s new day always begins at twilight; “…the evening and the morning were the first day” Genesis 5:1.

    On Christmas Day just past, I awoke with the tune of an old song on my mind called “Twilight Time” by the Platters. I couldn’t remember all the words so I looked it up online. It has lyrics that say “Here in the after-glow of day…in the sweet and same old way I fall in love again as I did then…” The song was a special Christmas gift from my Lord; my response was to offer it back to Him in worship. I have been singing it ever since!

    I also have been studying Thomas Kinkade’s art collection of cottages. The light which he is so famous for painting eminates from inside each house; I have found there a picture of God’s people for this time. All of my adult life, the first thing I have done each morning was to open the blinds throughout my house to let in the light. I can’t stand to be in the darkness; I love to watch the light move through the rooms at different times of the day highlighting things of beauty and exposing things that needed to be cleaned, repaired, removed or replaced. This has also been a morning prayer for what I wanted God to do in me. However, God has spoken to my heart that in this approaching hour of darkness, He would throw open all the windows – in the night – that His light inside His house would shine out for all the world to see.

    Twilight, then, is the time for us to “trim our lamps”, “return to our first love” and “arise and shine” even now in the beginning of this new day. We must get ready for the night; there are many who will need His light – shining in us – to guide them home in the darkness!

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