Caesarea and More…

Thanks to my dear friend, David, and Sar El Tours we have been enjoying an amazing tour of the Holy Land. They have worked hard to make the trip wonderful in every way.

I just could not post photos of our day yesterday. I was totally exhausted and jet lagged after the flight and exciting day or sightseeing. But we spent our first night in Netanya at the Seasons Hotel. The photo above is from our bedroom window. I awoke suddenly at 12:30 AM and looked out the window. I just couldn’t believe how beautiful the early December moon shone on the water. The light and water mesmerized me for a few moments as I stood at the opened window soaking the fresh salt air and chilly breezes.

Our first stop was Caesarea, ancient sea port. It is so gorgeous.

Pontius Pilot visited us at the ancient Roman amphitheater. The mini-production about the life and times of Jesus was outstanding.

Our next stop was Mount Carmel, Meggido, and the Jezreel Valley.

I am a day behind on posting photos and commentary. Today we took a ride on a boat on the Sea of Galilee, saw Capernaum, Tabgah, and Bethsaida. All wonderful. Will try to post more tomorrow.

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  1. Bruce says:

    I am so glad to hear that the
    tour is going well so far. And
    it was nice to see Alisa’s
    smiling face. This my first time
    arranging a tour from the
    operator/wholesale point of view.
    I will be very intewested in hearing
    Particpant coments after the end
    Of the tour. The photos are
    Beautiful. What are the temps like

  2. Bonnie says:


    Thanks for all your hard work! We are having a great time! And we are getting a lot of wonderful feedback. When I am not to tired and busy, I will write a long email to you about the details. The first day was windy and cold, but the rest of the time has been gorgeous. Today, as you know is a free day, so the group is in the Old City shopping and having fun.

    Give our love to Hylie and the girls.

    Hope your Christmas is full of light and joy!


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