I just spent the loveliest two days at the Dead Sea with girl friends–mineral baths, facials, good food, lots of talking, and laughing. Sooooo restorative.

On the way home, it looked like it was raining in Jordan across the Dead Sea. And there was a magnificent rainbow.

Then a double rainbow… so brilliant because the sun was shining through the clouds and illuminated the colors of the rainbow.

The perfect ending to a perfect little break from routine.

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  1. Cas Cordova says:

    B – E – A – UTIFUL! Will be there in a couple of weeks… would love to visit with you.

  2. Tara says:

    Oh MY! LOVE those pics….especially the very first one of the desert storm over the sea. I think I’ve discovered I’m in love with the desert, whether Arizona or Israel. Wonderful photography! Thanks for sharing…

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