Not Even a… Rookie…

Have you ever had a good friend that you have never met in person? Well, blogging has opened up wonderful doors for me to meet people around the country, even the world. “C” over at eternal rewards is a good friend. We met through blogging and have exchanged a few comments and emails over the last couple of years. I love her blog and her life… she is a gifted photographer. Go to her blog and peruse the photos–she is an inspiration. I have one of her photos hanging in my apartment in Israel that I won from a contest on her blog. Yes! I won a contest! Anyway, “C” is a pro, and I am not even a rookie, but she tagged me in a game.

I am supposed to go to my photo files and choose from the first file, the tenth photo, and post it, and then choose five other bloggers to tag.

I started actually filing photographs when I got a “big girl camera” a couple of years ago, and our first trip was to Israel. The photo above meets the criteria of first file and tenth photo. This is in the Arab quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, just off the Jaffa Gate. If you have ever made a trip to Israel, you are very familiar with this old market. It is full of interesting sights, sounds, smells, and the occasional good deal in shopping. You have to haggle, and I hate to haggle. I would rather pay a little more and keep the peace.

So, I am tagging:

“S” at just… a moment

And when I am finished with language school this time around, I will think of four other bloggers to tag.

Thanks, “C” for thinking about me…

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  1. S. Etole says:

    Thanks for the honor, Bonnie. Since I’ve already done the 10th photo, please pass this on to someone else who would like to join the fun. The sights above just invite one to look and enjoy.

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