Quiet Promptings

I have a friend who emailed me yesterday concerning yesterday’s post. If you haven’t read it, please do. Follow the link. Today’s post will make more sense to you.

My friend said I could post her experience with hearing the simple words, “Jesus loves you.” They changed her life.

She writes:

I sat in my living room one day popping a knife on my wrist daring it to kill me. I was in a puddle of mascara stained carpet. I began to shake and felt I needed to look at the tv which was turned down. I turned up the volume a lady was singing and stopped in the middle of her song and said I have a word for a girl watching this show…no a young woman but you look very young…I see you sitting there in a dress…I was sitting with a night gown draped over my knees. She said Jesus wants you to know He loves you. That was 17 years ago. Something broke in me and I was never the same. It was the most powerful 3 words I ever heard and it ministered deep into my soul.

Thanks for sharing…..and yes those are some powerful words.

Truly we never know how a simple touch or a few seemingly feeble words will change someone’s life. It is so important for us to follow those quiet promptings.

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  1. Mom says:

    Hi Bonnie, What an inspiring story!! Thank God for the gifts of the Spirit. Sometimes God uses us when we don’t even know it at the time. God is awesome!!!! Love, Mom

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