Monkeys and Much More…


We are currently in Ethiopia. Addis Ababa has had unprecedented rains, so the streets are very muddy. Glad I brought my crocs–so easy to clean in the hotel room each evening after wading through mud and water all day. We have met some wonderful people and I have taken some interesting shots.

Yesterday we drove two hours south and had lunch in a local hotel. Beautiful and lush gardens surrounded the place, and the trees were full of monkeys. It was such a treat for my hubby and me since we had only seen them in zoos. We chased them around the park like we were little kids.

Well, the monkeys are above and below are supposed to be the much more… the beautiful children. But the Internet connection here in Ethiopia is just too weak to download another photo. So dear readers, just letting you know I am still alive and will post more later when we have a better connection…

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  1. Syble says:

    I have shots of Courtney when we went to Kenya for Faith’s wedding and in them she’s feeding monkeys. They were running across the Suza’s backyard from one tree to another. She went out with bread and they would literally eat out of her hand. It was so much fun!! We all jumped and squealed like little kids. I know exactly what you mean – there is nothing like seeing them in the wild. Missing you.

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