Enlarged in the Waiting


In my quiet time today, I read this passage.

We know that the whole world has been crying. It has had much pain until now. And not the world only, but we ourselves also cry out. We have the first blessing God gives of his Spirit. But we cry out in our hearts. We are waiting for God to finish making us his sons. Then our bodies will be set free. That is what we hoped for when we were saved. When the thing hoped for is seen, there is no more hoping. When a person sees a thing, how can he hope for it? But if we hope for something we do not see, we keep on waiting for it [Romans 28:22-25].

My first down payment on being saved is the Holy Spirit–comforter and guide. He aids me as I “cry out” for complete redemption. I wait to be delivered from this world into the fullness of who I am in Him–my body, soul, and spirit. I wait in hope for what I see not.

I am enlarged in the waiting, not diminished, filling myself up with joy and expectation for the fulfillment of my hope. Yes, enlarged in the waiting…

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