In the Valley


A few days ago, my husband and walked through the Hinnom Valley to the Old City. It is down a steep hill and then up a steep hill, up, up, up to the Jaffa Gate. It was noon and very hot. About half way there, I regretted tagging along with him. I regretted leaving in the heat of the day. What was I thinking?

Gehenna is another name for this valley, and that is exactly what it felt like that day — Gehenna!

At the lowest point of the valley, it dawned on me suddenly that Jesus had literally walked through this valley–maybe on hot days like this and maybe in the cool of the evening. The thought brought joy to my heart and a spring to my step.

The buildings are different now, but the hills, caves, and rocks are the same. Jesus didn’t care about the surroundings there, though, as much as he cared for the people — their pasts and their futures. He had compassion on them.

But He knows the way I take; when He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold [Job 23:10].

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  1. Martha camp says:

    Yes, that valley is very hard to walk, but when He is with you, you come out renewed.

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