Since arriving in Texas, we have been staying with friends for a couple of weeks while our house is being refurbished. I am sitting on their back veranda. In front of me is a pool, palm trees, jacuzzi, and abundant flowers. The whole area is tiled with slate. I just love it here.

The weather is slightly cool and a little humid, like Texas. Thank God Dallas is not as humid as Houston. That humidity is unbearable!

It is so peaceful to sit here for a minute and take stalk of the Father’s goodness to me, to hear his voice in the morning wind, and to see his glory on the golden tips of the wispy clouds just as dawn is breaking on the horizon.

The last week has been a blitz with recovering from jet lag, office obligations pertaining to the banquets, and newsletters of various kinds. We also are in the crazy, scary middle mess of repainting, refurbishing, and updating our home. It is not major like knocking walls down — just a little paint and tile. But it definitely gets worse before it gets better no matter what is being done.

I love the paint and tile choices I made — rich browns, creams, tans, with a few turquoise blue accents. I emphasized the Mediterranean look which really is my favorite decorating style, and it lends itself well to the style of our home.

I will post a few photos when I locate my camera. We are living out of suitcases — again — until we get settle back into our home. We have been traveling or basing somewhere for the last 11 months. Yes, 11 months! It has been hard and wonderful. I am ready to stay put for a few months. Anyway, I know and HOPE my camera is somewhere…

The best part of coming home was the reception of the community of believers at church. Their love, support, prayers, and encouragement have kept us going for these last 14 years.

Over and over, I come to the truth, just like Dorothy, in the “Wizard of Oz” that there is no place like home. And yet I live in the fluid reality of “looking for a city whose builder and maker is God…”

These two truths seem opposed to one another, but somehow they mesh… they really do…

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  1. The photo of the flower is fantastic! Great against the dark background. You’ll find your camera.

  2. Beautiful thoughts, Bonnie. There’s no place like home.

  3. David Katz says:

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of the renovations.

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