The Peaceful Plain

Yesterday we left early in the morning and drove to Kansas City, MO. I getting up in the dark and starting a new trip, especially by car. It really gives you the feeling of “getting out of Dodge.” It gives you permission to leave your burdens at home.

This eight hour drive through the plains of Kansas — middle America — was just what the doctor order to cure my too hectic life. My hubby and sat in silence for long periods, just soaking up the wide expanse, and we did let our troubles go. We prayed and praised God for his goodness as we drove.

I also thought about the land itself. The history of America that brought us here. I imagined the plains filled with dangers once like indians, robbers, outlaws, snakes… so many dangers were connected to crossing the territory. I envisioned covered wagons creaking and shifting as the wooden wheels turned against the dirt and rocks. The flimsy canvas covering sheltering the families treasured inside. People were willing to risk a great deal to make their lives better.

Today, the plains are peaceful and safe. It was a breeze and a joy to stay on a wide, smooth highway as we traveled the land. Like my forefathers, I am crossing them today just to make my life better, even in some small way. I guess that urge never ever leaves us.

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