Lavender grows wild in the Mid East… it dots the terrain in Cyprus where we are now. The place we are renting in Pafos has many lavender bushes. Sometimes when I open the windows in the morning the fragrance floats on the breezes…

Lavender is also known as nard in the Bible. It is one of the spices that was crushed into the oil that burned in the Temple. It is also mentioned in Song of Songs. In Roman times it was sold for 100 denarii or a month’s wages and used for bathing and burning.

Ancient wisdom tells me that spices are in their finest form of yield when crushed — no matter how they are used for cooking or as medicine or for relaxation. The strength of their power to heal or soothe comes from breaking and releasing.

And I know my own life is the same. I feel the pressing of the hand of the God upon my life. It is uncomfortable and yet familiar. I want to run and stay close at the same time.

I know my finest yield will be to submit.

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  1. Tara says:

    God has been showing me that I, too, am in a new season of wilderness, of stripping, of change. So….this word spoke deeply to my heart. Thanks for your willingness to humbly post out of your own experience which encourages us all 🙂

  2. Bonnie says:

    The crushings are so painful, but so worth it. Yield to the sweetness…

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