Spring Pots and Spring Steps

We had an unusually cold and long winter in Jerusalem. I felt like it was never going to get hot. I know that is strange. Of course, it was not as cold as living in Ukraine. The winters we spent there were indeed cold. Maybe I just can’t take the inclement weather like I used to; but after a week or so, I am ready for the warm.

Coming home to Texas and milder weather has been an energizer for me! It made me want to dig in the dirt. I am just getting started and haven’t tackled the landscape yet, but I did complete my big flower pots in the front yard. And I am so happy. I love to look out my upstairs window down to the front lawn and see the beautiful pots brimming with the lovely faces of spring.

God was so merciful to us by creating foundations in the earth that allow for new beginnings. Each dawn is a fresh start. And each season bring the joys of having a clean slate, especially spring. The color and life of spring puts, well, a spring in everyone’s step.

Great is his faithful in every season.

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