Mountains and More…

We are continuing our road trip. We spent the last eight days in Redding, California at a marriage seminar. It was impacting and refreshing.

Today we packed up the car and drove to Reno through the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.

We enjoyed a great night and sleep in Reno and headed up the road this morning to Twin Falls, Idaho and more mountains…

We had lunch in a park Elko, Nevada. Beautiful spring blooms here in the north. We had fun on the swings after eating our Subways.

Our next stop was Twin Falls, Idaho, and how gorgeous it was! I am so glad we made this little jog on our way to Yellowstone. The falls were breathtaking!

Tomorrow we are on our way to Yellowstone.

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  1. Tara says:

    May you always find swingsets along the way 🙂

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