Season of Surrender

 The Jewish New year date falls on the Jewish calendar in Tishri or sometime in September or October. Rabbis and other biblical scholars speculate creation of the world  began on Yom Truah or Feast of Trumpets or on the sister celebration, Rosh haShanah. If that is true, then the earth was born in autumn and stands in glory as a showcase of the first fruits of the earth’s trees and greenery dying in beauty and beginning the cycle of four distinct seasons.

Fall portends the death and ensuing resurrection of the Jewish Messiah and later the death and ensuing resurrection of the sons of Adam.

Immediately as we are born both physically and spiritaully, we discover we are dying. We embrace the depth of the separation of death completely — no bridge building over its hellish cavern. We embrace winter utterly trusting that something magnificent will be born through its death.

Then we wait in hope for thawing and warmth of spring and summer. The relief of resurrection satisfies our bodies and souls and completes the cycle of seasons of earth and life.

Autumn is the season of sweetest surrender. We are born into the opportunity to yield but can resist ultimate death, thus prolonging winter. The choice is individual. Quick recognition and acceptance of these seasons thrust upon us abruptly aides the ushering in of the abundance of the new life of spring and summer.

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