Sugar Plum Moose in our Sleep

We have been on the go and I am so behind in posting photos for family and friends. We just completed almost a full week in Spokane, Washington with dear friends. I have plenty of photos of the treasures of Spokane itself but will move on to our current journey. Our days were filled with lots of great coffee, chats with friends, beautiful morning walks, great hospitality and food, laughter, tears, prayers and on and on. How how we love Spokane. More later on that…

Today we sadly said good-bye to friends and yet joyfully hit the trail of adventure once again, driving from Spokane to Kalispell, Montana for the night and tomorrow will be spent in Glacier National Park. We are so excited.

I really love how pristine the surrounding mountains and lakes appear as we drive northward.

We whizzed by a ranch that had a slew of Texas longhorns. That made my hubby feel right at home.

We ate lunch at a lakeside cafe on Flathead Lake. It is so gorgeous here. We ate fish and chips but it was Alaskan cod and really delicious.

We are starting to see a few Canadian flags here and there.

Well we are nestled all snug in our room for the night and imagine that we will have visions of sugar plum moose in our sleep.

At Glacier National Park tomorrow. Definitely a wildlife day it will be!

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