He was born in Texas, but moved to Ukraine before the age of one. Since then he has lived in Hungary, Cyprus, and Israel. He speaks five languages and has learned to abase or abound in life with either table scraps or Fancy Feast. Because he sleeps 24 hours a day, jet lag never gets him down. His name is Oreo, and he just turned 18 years-old this month. He’s currently writing his memoirs — “Junkyard Cat: The Adopted Son of a Preacher Man.” In 2013, Oreo is signed up for a senior’s paw-painting class, and he still runs away from home at least four or five times each year because the catnip may be sweeter on the next block. His preacher man daddy always finds him and brings him back. Happy Birthday, Oreo, you’re a true survivor.

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  1. lamarhowell says:

    You are just too human sometimes, Bonnie!

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