October Moon

The full moon was gorgeous last night — so clear I could see the cheese — so close and touchable, I could even… smell the cheese. The old man in the moon kept me up last night until I wrote a moon story for children… for dreamers everywhere.

Moon-Slide Ride

Tonight I am climbing way, way up to the moon

for a moon-slide, slick-side ride with a dish and spoon.

I know the way by heart, for I mapped and dreamed

it upon my bed at night… up, bump, up, up, I careened

up and away up on a moonbeam… I know the way to go.

Heave-ho, heave-ho, up, up, up to Mt. Kilamanjaro,

then step up more and more to tiny Little Dipper,

and slip, slip slipper over to the slicker, Big Dipper

slide over, over to Plaides, Orion, and  the old Bear.

Then catch a breath and strain strong to hear

the stars’ song singing tinkling binkling like cris-crystals in space

and one big leap, leap, leap up for mankind in this race,

plop down with a jump, land on the moon for the slide ride.

And down we go, back to earth on a moonshaft slick- slide ride

like a tall, tall slide in the water park kind of glide-ride,

glistening through the Milkyway,  slipping down, down

past the silver gleaming stars dressed in a glowing gown

gliding down, down and around the spiraled slick,

starry shaft with glee. If you look up, up in the sky

you’ll see the round, round imprints of me, me, me…

my head, back, bottom, and heels through a glass

bottom, transparent, shiny-ray slide as I pass, pass

all the way down through the inky black sky of night

until I land in the Aegean Sea with a splash, just right,

sparkler stars spraying the night like July the fourth

only I’ll be next to Greece… asking for mourth, mourth, mourth!

© Bonnie Saul Wilks

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